Vancouver Island White Sturgeon Fishing Trips

Many people go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after; the peace you can find during fishing is rare. Vancouver Island has many magnificent spots for fishing where you can experience unique trips.

 White Sturgeon Fishing on Vancouver Island

The white sturgeon is a well-known fish species among anglers and is native to British Columbia. Vancouver Island offshore has some great fishing destination for vacation and family outdoor activity which offer giant fish species like sturgeon and halibut.
Although you are only allowed to catch and release them on the Vancouver Island regions, it will be incredibly amazing to see and catch the largest and longest live species in North American freshwaters.
The coastline of Vancouver Island is along the strait of June the Fuca, and plus that, the waters covering the north of the island, like the strait of Georgia, welcoming populations of sturgeon and following that fishing lover.
They are hard fighting and challenging to catch and, in the opinion of many anglers, unpredictable; the size and strength of sturgeon make to world-class game fish.

White Sturgeon Habitat on Vancouver Island

White sturgeon are a valuable resource for many different social and economic fishing groups all over the world. The sturgeon is one of North America's largest freshwater fish, though some make their way into saltwater. So you can find these massive species in both saltwater and freshwater, in shallow water, deep water, still water, or fast current. Sturgeons can be seen from the West coast of Vancouver Island in the Pacific Ocean as far north as Alaska and as far south as the California coast. The Pacific Coast is home to three of North America's largest wild populations of sturgeon, which are comprised of an ageing cohort of large, old fish.
The population of white sturgeon has declined from approximately 7,000 fish in the late 1970s to 760 fish in 2000. At the current annual mortality rate of 9%, there were fewer than 500 adults remaining in 2005, and their population may be fewer than 50 left by 2030. They include endangered species and the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada has classified the Lower Fraser River White Sturgeon population as Threatened (COSEWIC).

Vancouver Island White Sturgeon Fishing Guides

The Best White Sturgeon Fishing Spots on Vancouver Island

 These huge species live in both saltwater and freshwater; there found in shallow water, deep water, still water or fast current. There are some spots for sturgeon fishing on Vancouver Island, such as the Kootenay River and the Strait of Juan de Fuca; they can also observe in the Strait of Georgia and Fraser River from April to October.

The Best Time for White Sturgeon Fishing on Vancouver Island

Species of Sturgeons usually will feed throughout the tide cycle, but there are a few times that these huge are active more than usual; normally, the last two hours of an outgoing tide are the best. Sturgeon are driven to feed by negative and large king tides. Fast-moving tides are ideal for catching white sturgeon and the best month to try fishing them starts from April to October.

The Best Bait for White Sturgeon Fishing on Vancouver Island

Salmon eggs or carcasses, shad, and other naturally occurring bait such as nightcrawlers that work well in their area are examples of recommended bait for sturgeon fishing, same as salmon fishing. Scents can also be added to the bait to attract the sturgeon's attention. You can use a variety of fish oils, including shrimp oil, sardine oil, and shad oil. Chinook and Chum eggs or roes are the most productive in general. You should pay attention to which species is in the river when you go fishing and choose eggs accordingly. If you buy salmon eggs, make sure they are fresh, the fresh ones don't flow in the water.

Vancouver Island White Sturgeon Fishing Season

Vanisle Fishers

White Sturgeon Fishing Season


Fishing Vancouver Island Sturgeon Subspecies

White Sturgeon Fishing

White sturgeon is a species of sturgeon in the order Acipenseriformes' family Acipenseridae. They are an anadromous fish species that live in several large rivers in North America that drain into the eastern Pacific Ocean. They live primarily in large river estuaries but migrate to freshwater to spawn and travel long distances between river systems, despite the fact that their behaviour during the spawning season is not well known. They are considered iteroparous breeders, entering river systems in the late fall and winter and spawning in the spring. Females usually spawn every 2 to 4 years, while males spawn every 1 to 2 years. They can grow up to 800 kilograms in weight and has a long life span, they can live to 150 years old, and their length reaches even 6 meters.
✅ Average length: about 6 meters ✅ Mouth: ✅ Tail: ✅ Freshwater signs: ✅ Other features: gray body

White Sturgeon Fishing Techniques on Vancouver Island

Generally, the difference between the type of fishing methods is not really obvious, and they differ in small details. Depending on where you decide to fish and what fishing gadgets you use, there are some fishing divisions like the inshore and offshore, rock fishing; also, you can fish on a kayak, canoe, or boat.

Fly fishing for White Sturgeon

Fly fishing is the oldest yet most common method of catching White Sturgeon among recreational anglers, as well as one of the simplest. Any freshwater or saltwater fish species can be used. This approach involves utilizing a lightweight lure (an artificial fly), a reel, a fly rod, and a specific weighted line.

Rod and Reel for White Sturgeon

Your rod should have a strong backbone and a sensitive tip. For most situations, a 7-foot-6 medium-heavy rod should suffice. However, heavier gear will be required if hunting big catch-and-release sturgeon. Make sure your rod can handle at least a 30-pound test, although many sturgeon fishermen may use the much heavier gear.

Rigging Fishing for White Sturgeon

If you're fishing in a strong current, be sure your weight is hefty enough to keep it on the bottom. Don't dive too deep, but make sure you're towards the bottom, where the sturgeon will be feasting. Mono in the 100-pound range will be robust and thick enough to resist cutting. Another alternative is to use a wire or coated wire leader, which will be more resistant to cuts. Because sturgeon have poor eyesight, a hefty leader will not scare them away. Add a hefty swivel and at least 18" of leader to your mainline. For fish of this size, the hook must be huge and powerful. It may also be required to handle a whole shad, lamprey, or smelt.

Vancouver Island Fish Species

Know Vancouver Island fish species to choose the best place for angling, and all you need to know before fishing on this spectacular island!

White Sturgeon Fishing Regulations on Vancouver Island

Effective fishing regulations can be a key factor component of healthful fisheries. It contains information about open seasons, recreational fishing licences, fishing methods, and catch limits, as well as up-to-date fishing regulations for diverse fishing areas.
• You must purchase a White Sturgeon Conservation Licence in addition to your basic licence.
• Using a fishing line to which more than one artificial fly is attached (i.e., to use “dropper flies”) is forbidden.
• Using light in any way to attract fish except the light is submerged and attached to the fishing line within 1 m of the hook is unlawful.
• It is forbidden to fish with nets, including minnow nets, dip nets, cast nets, or gill nets.
• Using barbed hooks or any hook with more than one point in all rivers, streams, creeks, or sloughs in B.C is prohibited. (Although the use of barbed hooks in lakes is allowed except for the one noted in the Regional Water-Specific Regulations Tables).

White Sturgeon Fishing Tips on Vancouver Island

• Keep boat launch areas clear to give all boaters equal access. Prepare your boat for launching away from the ramp to avoid creating unnecessary delays. • Don’t try boating and alcohol. You will need your complete reflexes to keep you, your boat, and other stream users safe. It’s unlawful to operate a boat while impaired. • Limit your speed (particularly when getting into corners) to keep away from collisions with other boaters, anglers, swimmers, and hidden obstacles. Respect the Universal Shoreline Speed Restriction of 10 within 30 metres of the shore. • Be careful when boating at dawn and dusk and in other conditions of limited light or visibility. • Refrain from running your boat through water being fished by way of others. Go slowly or drift by anglers along the shoreline. Be considerate of others. • Avoid sensitive habitats such as spawning areas, shallow water, and wildlife nesting or foraging areas. • Give animals crossing the river the space and time to do so. It’s unlawful to harass wildlife with a boat. • Pack out your garbage. Old fishing lines, litter, fuel, and oil damage fish habitats, endanger aquatic life and reduce water quality.

Limited Fishing Areas on Vancouver Island

• Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
• Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
• Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Vancouve Island White Sturgeon Fishing Common Question

Even while nightcrawlers are normally the ideal bait for shovelnose sturgeon, keep in mind that many other fish species may want to join in the fun. Nightcrawlers, gizzard shad, emerald shiners, and other naturally occurring baitfish in their vicinity also perform well for lake sturgeon.

Customized Fishing/Crabbing Trip on Vancouver Island

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