Salmon Fishing in Winter Harbour

Winter Harbour is a small hamlet on the outskirts of Quatsino Sound. It's well-known for its easy access to magnificent Vancouver Island West Coast sport fishing and the sheltered waters off Cains Island, where serious land anglers congregate.
You can Fish for Salmon and halibut in the beautiful location of North West Vancouver Island. Winter Harbour also offers custom offshore tuna fishing opportunities. Photography & Sightseeing Tours of breathtaking wildlife on the island can be arranged too.
No matter whether you're after Trophy Chinook (Spring), Coho Salmon, Halibut, or Lingcod, our expert guides can provide you with a fishing adventure you won't soon forget. Because of the abundance of fish in our waterways, it's normal to catch your daily quota of all of the target species from June through September. The best news is that these fish are big!
Not to mention how breathtaking the scenery and wildlife watching are. In addition to many other animals, we frequently encounter killer and grey whales, porpoises, Stellar Sea Lions, seals, otters, black bears, deer, and more.

Salmon Fishing season in Winter Harbour

Winter Harbour waters are so abundant that, from June through September, it's not unusual to catch your maximum of all salmon species on any given day.
A significant coho inflow began in late June after a relatively calm spring at Winter Harbour, and a large body of healthy Chinook salmon followed closely after in July.
Winter Harbour has since had absolutely fabulous fishing both inshore and offshore through late July and well into August.
Late May through early to mid-July is another excellent fishing period in Winter Harbour when the bulk of the coho and Chinook come.

Getting to Winter Harbour,
Prime Salmon Fishing Location

Winter Harbour is located a 40-minute drive south of Holberg on northern Vancouver Island.
Winter Harbour is usually reached by boat from Quatsino Sound, by floatplane, or by vehicle via a gravel logging road about 75 kilometres from Port Hardy.

Salmon Fishing Rates in Winter Harbour

Vanisle Fishers offers some of the best fishing trip packages, from A short trip of a few hours to a Long journey of several days, so you can choose the best that fits you. Our fishing trip rates start from $165 per hour, so if you do not have much time, you can still experience an amazing fishing trip in Winter Harbour.

Fishing Regulations

Effective fishing regulations can be a key factor component of healthful fisheries. It contains information about open seasons, recreational fishing licences, fishing methods and, catch limits, as well as up-to-date fishing regulations for diverse fishing areas.
All anglers interested in salmon should check the Management of Salmon Fisheries in B.C for bait selection, gear selection, required licences and any other regulations for salmon fishing. Before planning your fishing trip, you must check the updated information and know the limited fishing areas.
• Using a fishing line to which more than one artificial fly is attached (i.e., to use “dropper flies”) is forbbiden.

• Using light in any way to attract fish except the light is submerged and attached to the fishing line within 1 m of the hook is unlawful.

• It is forbidden to fish with nets, including minnow nets, dip nets, cast nets, or gill nets.

• Using barbed hooks or any hook with more than one point in all rivers, streams, creeks, or sloughs in B.C is prohibited. (Although the use of barbed hooks in lakes is allowed except the one noted in the Regional Water-Specific Tables).

Fishing Tips

• Keep boat launch areas clear to give all boaters equal access. Prepare your boat for launching away from the ramp to avoid creating unnecessary delays.
• Don't try boating and alcohol. You will need your complete reflexes to keep you, your boat, and other stream users safe. It's unlawful to operate a boat while impaired.
• Limit your speed (particularly when getting into corners) to keep away from collisions with other boaters, anglers, swimmers, and hidden obstacles. Respect the Universal Shoreline Speed Restriction of 10 within 30 metres of the shore.
• Be careful when boating at dawn and dusk and in other conditions of limited light or visibility.
• Refrain from running your boat through water being fished by way of others. Go slowly or drift by anglers along the shoreline. Be considerate of others.
• Avoid sensitive habitats such as spawning areas, shallow water, and wildlife nesting or foraging areas.
• Give animals crossing the river the space and time to do so. It's unlawful to harass wildlife with a boat.
• Pack out your garbage. Old fishing lines, litter, fuel, and oil damage fish habitats, endanger aquatic life and reduce water quality.

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Winter Harbour Salmon Fishing Common Questions

The best places in Winter Harbour to catch salmon are Lawn Point, Kwakiutl, Top Knot and Kains Lippy which are the most productive areas for fishing.
The peak seasons for salmon fishing are considered Spring and Summer, but the productive months start from mid-July through late. August
It depends on the salmon species you like to catch, but the minimum number starts from 2 for chinook and coho in Winter Harbour, Vancouver Island, BC.
Generally, salmon eggs which are the major nutrition source of young salmon, are the best choice for salmon fishing bait.
All angler who is 16 years of age or older is required to buy a Basic Licence, which allows fishing in the non-tidal waters of Winter Harbour, BC.
The best areas for salmon fishing around Winter Harbour are McAllister Island, Kains Island lighthouse, Gooding and Harvey Coves, and Cliff Point.
Winter Harbour offers some excellent salmon fishing opportunities in many areas like Marble River Chinook and huge coho that runs heading up various rivers up the inlet.