Finest Fishing Opportunities with Vanisle Fishers

Vanisle Fishers provides a chance to experience some of the best fishing trips of a lifetime. There are thousands of options to go for fishing when it comes to Vancouver Island, so many lakes, rivers and bays make the island a popular fishing spot.
It also has several places to watch and catch migratory species, so you have not only a unique experience while fishing but the most amazing journey as anglers or even angler companions.

Why Fishing on Vancouver Island with Vanisle Fishers?

Customized Fishing Trips

With so many kinds of fishing trip packages, you can still plan and contact us for your customized trip with Vanisle Fishers.


Our family-friendly fishing trips on Vancouver Island are suitable for all ages and all skill levels, perfect for beginners or experts! All you need is included: rod, reel, bait.

The Most Affordable

Vanisle Fishers fishing trip rates are highly competitive and affordable.
The prices that we offer with all facilities and amenities are unbelievable.

Complete Amenities

Vanisle Fishers has complete amenities; you can find the best of what you need to enjoy a fishing trip with Vanisle Fishers.

Best Fishing Gear

Vanisle Fishers prepare the best fishing gear such as rods, reels, different sizes of hooks, and tackle boxes and is one of the completest ones to find the proper bait or lures for your targeted fish.

Expert Guides

Vanisle Fishers group has expert fishing guides that offer something that you can’t find anywhere except during your journey with them and that is nothing except their many years of experience.

Choose your dream fishing trip

Fishing trips on Vancouver Island that occupies a sprawling stretch of quiet lakes and rivers, scenic sights and astounding natural marine habitat give you an unforgettable experience of fishing.

Get Lost in Vancouver Island Rich Waters

Visit Vancouver Island to have a great fishing and boating experience which is available in most months of the year and easy access by many waterways; it is a place to plan your ideal fishing trip.
There are thousands of fishing opportunities to go for when it comes to Vancouver Island, especially in summer; there are more than 10000 lakes on the island and thanks to the vast quantities of fish species, you will have an awesome adventure while fishing and an incredible journey as an angler.

Popular Fishing Trips

Vancouver Island Fishing Map